Wattpad account and more!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this. There is a pretty good reason for it though. I’ve been working on updating parts of the website, writing new chapters, and setting up my works on Wattpad!

I originally had them on my own website, mainly because on most story writing sites couldn’t add pictures within the stories. It turns out, after some investigating, that Wattpad does have this feature. (Hurray!) I personally like how it looks on wattpad better than how it works on on the website. So the switch is finally completed!! Just click the link below to read the following works: Shifter File 001, Caelestae: Fall into Staerlite, Basileus: The Queenbury Gateway, Mock Me, Do you Remember?, and Complements.

The Shifter Files Series¬†is a Wattpad exclusive story! You cannot get this in book form (at least, not yet anyway). A new chapter is uploaded every wednesday for viewers to read!¬†Caelestae: Deyn’s Dungeon preview will also be out soon. In five more weeks, to be precise. Be sure to tune in every week as I will be slowly adding chapters to the first in the Caelestae Series!

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