So the day is finally here!! Caelestae Deyn’s Dungeon is finally up and running, all technical glitches aside. I am so happy that this book is done. So, as I have already said, Createspace merged (or dissolved, not sure which) and now all of my self-publishing is done through Kindle Direct Publishing. It threw a wrench in my plans because I really didn’t know this was going down until I went to publish. So now I am going review my experience uploading with KDP.

So first things first, the pro’s to this service. It took me about half the time to get this book up and approved by KDP. On Createspace, you would have to upload your contents and book cover. After that, you would have to then submit it to Createspace to get the contents approved (even though the reviewer preview would say everything was fine and dandy). You would have to wait 24 hours before you got the notice whether everything was okay or not. Half the time, it was not and you would have to do it all over again. This was time consuming and annoying because you would have to wait a full day each time something was wrong. (Average, it took me about a week to get things finally approved). With KDP, I was able to upload and immediately see if there was something wrong with the file. It would tell me exactly where the fix needed to be and I was able to go back and fix it. Once you do that and submit it, it can take up to 48 hours or so for final review. I’ve never had an issue with this though and my book was up for viewing shortly after on Amazon.

Another pro is with the actual printing. I chose glossy cover for this book and full color interior. I ordered and received this copy of the book and immediately noticed a difference. The pictures seemed more vibrant and the paper quality (in my opinion) seems to be a better quality. The binding seemed the same (good and sturdy) and the cover was still amazing. ‘insert angel choir’

Now… for the cons. My proof for this book came with a proof copy line that stretch over the span of the back and front of the book. With Createspace, it would have a page in the back stating that it was a proof. Which I prefer, because it didn’t interfere with being able to ‘proof’ details of the book. KDP’s line on the cover was annoying. It made it a little hard to really see all the details that I scrutinize when I get my proof. It cut across part of the book logo and I couldn’t really see if everything was as it was supposed to be. Needless to say, when I ordered my copy of the actual book, it did not have this and everything was fine.

Speaking of which, my copy. Now to be fair, I had issues receiving this copy because for whatever the reason, the package couldn’t be left off at my house. So it sat in the post office for days because I work full time 40-45 minutes away from my home and I could never make it to the post office before it closed. I finally was able to pick up my copy and opened it… was a little bummed. The spine was warped at the corners (like someone had squished it) and the corners were a little bent. I don’t know if this was the post office or KDP but it made me a little sad either way. I really hope that this was the P.O. and not KDP. Just be warned.

Another slightly annoying con was that one of my pictures ended up very pixelated. Now, after reviewing my file, I noticed that the picture was not one of my TIF files and a different format. Once I changed this, it fixed the problem. But the reason I’m listing this as a con is that when I had looked on the reviewer for KDP, it didn’t show this pixelation whatsoever. Also it didn’t do this to the same picture in my proof either (it was beautifully clear). So I don’t know what happened, it should be fixed now.

Lastly the price. This book cost $23 something something. YIKES. I know why though, printing in color costs more money. But it’s still frustrating because Caelestae is one of those books that if I did the black and white coloring… it wouldn’t be the same. HOWEVER, I am looking to branch into the Kindle ebook publishing, which would not cost that much and you still get the pretty colors. Yay colors!!

Apart from that, I really enjoy using this service. They are easy to use and I did not nearly get the same levels of headache and frustration that I did with Createspace. It still provides me with my own ISBN number and a lot of the same features Createspace did (Interior Book Preview, glossy/matte covers, color/b&w interior, etc). So, Amazon, you still have me for a little while longer!! Please go check it out and if you would like to buy it do. If 23 dollars is too high for you, don’t fret! I am looking to upload this book to wattpad and you can go read it there (and follow me and like it ‘cough’ ‘cough’ ‘hint’ ‘hint’). Thank you for reading and FatesFabel out!

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