Character Bio: Celestial Perris

Hey!! So I am going to start putting character bios for my books, starting with my wattpad exclusive The Curse of the Betweens!  Please check it out on wattpad here: CURSEOFTHEBETWEENS


Age: 18 years old (Born: September 31st 2000)

Occupation: High School Student (Senior)

Lives: Barnsfield, Conneticut. (not an actual town people… an hour from New Haven lol). 

Affiliation: Celestials

Celestial Partner: Matthew Brians

Charges: Rosie (currently), Marty (previous), Dana (previous), Connor (previous), Cecily (previous).

Specialization: Empathic.

Appearance: Celestial has black hair, green eyes, and a medium skin tone. She is about 5’5”. Celestial often wears sporty, comfortable clothes.

Relatives: Elliana Benedito-Perris (Aunt), Barthomew Perris (deceased uncle), unnamed mother and father.

About: Celestial grew up in Barnsfield, Connecticut since the age of 5. She lives next door to the Brians, whom are family friends with her and Aunt Lena. She loves sports and loves to run. She is a very competitive person but never at the expense of a friendship. She loves young adult literature, especially the ones Dane calls ‘chick lit’. She is very spiritual (but not religious, claiming to know what God is the right one is arrogant). She is very open minded and cherishes peoples lives deeply.

She does not like math, mainly because of her consistent struggles with it. Celestial currently struggles with an unrevealed condition, having to take medicine consistently for it. She is hispanic, often speaking more spanglish considering her semi-bilingual upbringing.

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