Character Bio: Dane Sharrow

Hey!! Still behind… very behind lol. But please be patient. I’ve been finishing editing for Caelestae: Deyns Dungeons. Here is the bio for Dane Sharrow

Please check out the story on wattpad here: CURSEOFTHEBETWEENS


Age: 20 years old (Born: November 2nd 1998)

Occupation: College Student (Bachelors in Architecture)

Lives: West Haven, Conneticut.  (hey you can actually find this on google maps!) Originally from Upstate New York.

Affiliation: Human

Appearance: Dane has pale skin, messy sandy brown hair, and grey eyes. He is about 5’11”. He also occasionally is seen wearing reading glasses.

Relatives: Beckie Sharrow-Farley (Mother), Norman Farley (Step- Father), Kaydence-Mae Farley (Half-Sister).

About: Dane lived with his mother in Upstate New York. At the age of 4, his mother married Norman Farley. A year later, his sister Kaydence was born. Dane was always a decent athlete and a better student. He had a love for being outside, often disappearing to sketch the neighborhood he grew up in or reading some non fictional book. When he graduated at 17, he went to University in Connecticut for Architecture.

Dane has a somewhat pessimistic and passive attitude towards things. He suffers no excuses, especially when it comes to important things. He never was one to ‘mess around’ (as Kaydence says) with girls and always called her chick lit books a ‘waste of good paper.’ Before the events of Curse of the Betweens, he had a very logical ‘I-only-believe-what-I-see’ (which drives Celestial’s Aunt crazy). He became Celestial’s charge at the beginning of Curse of the Betweens.

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