Character Bio: Hector Legraisse

So I know that I did the brief bio on instagram for Hector but it was around then that things started falling off the wagon. So here is his more elaborate bio. Enjoy!

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Age:39 (Born February 13, 1979)

Affiliation: Archfiend

Occupation: Professor at University in Conneticut. Highly respected historian/archeologist.

Appearance: Hector has caucasian skin, brown-hazel eyes, dark brown hair, and is 6’3″. He commonly wears nice button up shirts, suits, and leather shoes.

Relatives: Gideon M. Legraisse(child), Marlene Mauves (ex-wife)

About: Hector is a rather arrogant, intelligent man. He was brought up in Nevada by his mother (someone he isn’t overly fond of). His mother brought him up in the way of the Codex, even though he was not as religious as she was. He left home at the age of 17 and never returned.

He studied at a University in New York, studying history and archeology. He eventually traveled the world to work as an archeologist, spending much of his time studying and discovering lost items, especially in spiritual cultures. His hard work paid off, being well respected in his field of work. Secretly, he sold off artifacts he found to the highest bider. It was around this time where he met Marlene Mauves in Rome. He married Marlene when he was 26, divorcing her when he was 29. They had a child together and still communicate, even though they are rather hostile towards one another.

Hector is an adversary of the Celestials, claiming them to be ignorant religion cowards that interfere where they shouldn’t. He has a temper when things don’t go his way and prefers to have numerous casual relationships with other women. He dislikes idiots and especially his ex-wife. He likes to be challenged and even though he doesn’t always speak kindly about his kid, he cares deeply about Gideon.

Original photo from by Bruce Mars

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