Character Bio: Matthew Brians

Hey!! So I know that I am behind on my character bios… please don’t hate me for that. If you want to see more instant ones, please go to my instagram page and take a peek! If you want the thorough ones, please be patient ūüôā So here, we go: Matthew Brians from The Curse of the Betweens!!!

Please check out the story on wattpad here: CURSEOFTHEBETWEENS


Age: 17 years old (Born: January 2nd 2001)

Occupation: High School Student (Senior)

Lives:¬†Barnsfield, Conneticut.¬†(if you look this up on google maps, you still won’t find it lol).¬†

Affiliation: Celestials

Celestial Partner: Celestial Perris

Charges: Cameron (previous), Oliver (previous), Sean¬† (previous). Assisted with most of Celestial’s charges.

Specialization: Offense Chants.

Appearance:¬†Matthew has brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. He is about 5’7″. He will often were tee shirts, jeans, sneakers and fleeces.

Relatives: Theodore (Ted) Brians (Father), Verity Greyson-Brians (Mother), unnamed sibling (unborn), Grandpa Steven (father side), Grandma Jen (mother’s side).

About: Matthew has lived in Barnsfield, Conneticut all his life. He met Celestial at the age of 5 and have been friends ever since. Neither of his parents are Celestials, but he could see ghosts since the age of 3. His parents chalked it up to night-time scares until one day a demon tried attacking Celestial and him at his house. Ever since then, the two families have been extremely close. His powers took longer to develop than Celestial’s, leaving him often frustrated how quickly Celestial learns.

In school, Matthew is the smartest in his grade (especially in math). He loves school and often gets frustrated and impatient when Celestial disregards it quickly. He loves video games, sci-fi novels, and comics. He hates sports (quietly viewing them as a waste of energy), despises getting bad grades, and has developed a hatred/digust/fear of fish (stems from a ‘fish like’ demon trying to drag him underwater at the age of 8).

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