Creators Ramble: When you have to work from home.

I know that title might be confusing. Most artists and writers do work from home. However, I’m not exactly talking about my art or my writing. I am talking about this chaos that unfolded with this new virus. Just within this past week, my job went from have no kids and working all day, to no kids and 50/50 working, to no kids and working solely at home.

Life of a pre-k teacher, never dull never boring.

So needless to say, it has been stressful. Especially since I’m a very structured person when it comes to my work/personal life not combining. This new working from home dig has pretty much obliterated that line I that I usually so clearly draw. Which had put all art posts and everything else on full stop!

As you can imagine, I am very burnt out this weekend.

So how am I going to counteract this so I’m not crossing that line? Rigid scheduling! That might sound ridiculous to some but do you know how easy it is when you have a long list of stuff to do and you can just pick it up to finish off the clock? Extremely. Easy. I am person that needs that schedule for myself. So this is an example of what that tentative schedule looks like.

Now note, Saturday and Sunday is all a possible schedule, not an actual one. Partial because I have to be flexible for my partner in crime that does not have a consistent schedule every week. Other reason, I don’t structure my ‘fun’ time typically. I rather like to let loose every now and then. But this is how I’m hoping to keep my sanity in these weeks of social distancing.

So hopefully I can stick to it and keep the content here and on the social media going lol. And hopefully this might help some of you who now have to work from home too.

FatesFabel out!

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