Deyn’s Dungeons Release Date: February 15th

I can’t win. I CAN’T WIN!! Just when I think my life is about to mellow and let me finish things on time, life comes to rick roll me. So my original release date is today. It isn’t 100 percent done. It’s like 98 percent done… but I refuse to give you work with silly little errors that DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!

But this is the new release date. The last release date. February 15th 2019. It will be done. It will be ready. It will NOT be a Valentines Day book. That’s why it’s after Valentines day rofl. In the meantime, please check out my Instagram for the sneak peeks while I get life back in order. Also go to Wattpad. Read stuff. Spend endless amounts of time watching other peoples art youtube videos. Enjoy your week.

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