Drawings from long ago (and far away)

lakeChallenge 2 Flowers

So this is what happens when I search through old memory cards.

I found many pictures to be shared (but I will only share a few at a time). Looking through them all had me thinking about a time where I would draw every single day. It didn’t matter how stressed I was or who needed me. I could just sit to draw for a half hour and created something magical.

Oh, how things change.

Make no mistake, teaching is my calling in life. I couldn’t imagine not doing it. I find that the busier I get with finishing my degree, however, the more tired I get. I lose motivation and creativity. I have come to this conclusion: I am an adult child with the extreme need to doodle. Hopefully I will be able to somehow find time to do one of the things I love most: draw.

In the mean time, enjoy my pictures while I go attend to a science lesson on physical/chemical change. 🙂

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