Facebook Account Hacked

Hello Readers!!

I have news.

I have been hacked.

My Facebook account was hacked into this morning and I can’t get it back. I can’t even do the secure my account because the hacker has managed to add an email and phone number to prevent me from securing it properly. And another piece of news. Facebook has no support line whatsoever. They gave me one way to verify my identity and I did it only to be told, we are going to review this within 48 hours. Based off of everything I heard online from others with a similar story, I have little hope of getting it back.

So needless to say I have been upping my security on my instagram and twitter, but please do not visit the Fates Fabel FB page (or if you get anything weird from it, please disregard). I have no control over it currently and unless I get my account back, will have no way of getting back in. Let this be a lesson to all, secure your account as much as you possibly can. I thought I had, turns out I didn’t and I am paying the price for it. And know that if you do get hacked via Facebook, there is not much of a customer support system to help get anything back.

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