Return from the Dead

Or at least a really long sabbatical.

It was not intentional. It really wasn’t. But I had a lot of things go on in the past year and it engulfed my time. So lets recap:

I moved. I got a new kitty cat (who needed a lot of TLC). My nephew was born. I received my New York State Teaching Certifications. And now I’m teaching full time to 17 rambunctious kids.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

So I haven’t done a tremendous amount with this website. Which is an absolute shame! I do have a lot that I wish to do with this website and little time to actually do it. But I has a plan!

That involves NOT disappearing for months at a time.

I have been developing my Wattpad, Instagram, and now Youtube account for my art and writing. (Please check them out in the links in the menu!) However, I am also gathering up books to start doing book reviews. I am going to resume doing my character bios and start reposting when new chapters are up! So please keep an eye on my website. I promise to actually warn you when I’m about to vanish again.

FatesFabel out! (just not another year)

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