About Fates

FatesFabel is a pseudonym… and I love stating the painfully obvious.

I am a author, imaginator, and illustrator. I am a self-publishing author. Mainly because it suits my needs and my first goal above all else is sharing my crazy stories with others. I love creating things, ranging from artwork to stories to songs (even though those are just silly and I often forget them three minutes later). I’ve too many intrigues in life to state and my curiosity knows no bounds. I am a teacher, which is why most of my works are appropriate for a younger audience. I would have to say that I range from elementary ages to young adult.

I have three books that I have already paper-back published: Fall into Staerlite (Caelestae 1), Deyn’s Dungeons (Caelestae 2) and The Queensbury Gateway (Basileus 1). I have a wattpad account with more stories to read! (So feel free to check it out!).

I have an instagram, twitter, and facebook. I use instagram frequently so look me up if you would like to see my art. See my links to all social media in the menu area.

I hope you enjoy any future works whether they be art with a brush or my words on a page.

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