The Curse of the Betweens

  • Publish Date: Wattpad- 2018 Book-TBA
  • Genre: Fiction (Paranormal/ Mystery)
  • Young Adult Literature
  • Author Warning: This book deals with intense action, violence, and supernatural themes. Please, if you don’t like this sort of story telling, please pick a story that suites your reading preference. 

Celestial Perris is one of the many chosen to protect and guide the souls that linger on. These souls, also known as Betweens, are here with unfinished business in our world. Angels and Demons are not supposed to interfere with a Between’s business in our world due to a pact made long ago at the start of our world. Demons, however, do not always abide by this rule, trying to sway the innocent to the Darkness of the Spiritual Realm.

Celestial is soon confronted by a strange soul, who is unlike the others she has protected before. With him comes a curse that forces the Betweens to remain trapped in our world and it’s up to Celestial to help free them. With demons sprouting out of the wood works in droves, will Celestial be able to help? Or will an evil be unleashed due to the selfish purposes on both sides of the fence?

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